Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Portsmouth is a very good venue for conferences, skill based exercises and also meetings. It can boast a tranquil deep south setting with many coastline locations as well.

Fareham?s Hall can be considered as a venue and they can cater for anything and give a complimentary bar service along with the main event. The main theatre can cater for up to seven hundred people and a reception for up to three hundred people. There is also a separate meeting room for one hundred people and most rooms come with internet and wifi access.

The Oasis Conference Suite in Portsmouth is also ideal as it a purpose built conference venue. Many of the facilities it can offer include air conditioning, speakers, radio microphones and also break out rooms with refreshments. It can hold up to sixty people and further information can be gained from their website and telephone number.

Portsmouth Minibus and Coach Hire can transport you to business events and office functions with ease, professionalism and comfort, and at affordable prices.

Other venues in the area include the Dame Judith Professional Centre and also many agencies who can help you find a suitable place.